NWETC Wine Education Course Schedule Resumes

We are pleased to announce that the National Wine Education & Training Centre (NWETC) course schedule has resumed, starting with a Wine Essentials on 22 July 2020 .

COVID-19 restrictions have eased to a point where we are now able to resume our courses in a safe manner by following a COVID-Safe plan, without compromising the fun and interactive nature of our courses. Some of the measures that we and the National Wine Centre are continuing or implementing include the following;

  • Tables will be set to support the physical distancing principal of at least 1.5m of separation where possible
  • Specific restrooms will be allocated to NWETC classes to ensure that there is no crossover between different groups within the National Wine Centre
  • Hand sanitiser stations are positioned at various locations around the National Wine Centre, and hand-washing facilities, hand sanitiser, paper towel and tissues will be available in the NWETC classroom
  • Course participants will be asked to bring their own pen and not to share pens during the class
  • There will be absolutely no sharing of glassware in NWETC classes
  • Course participants will be asked to carefully empty any wine remaining in their glasses and spittoons at the end of the class
  • Participants will be provided with individual rather than shared spittoons
  • All wine will be poured out by the educator so that wine bottles are not being passed from person to person
  • Staff at the National Wine Centre have undertaken supplementary training in relation to COVID-19 and a dedicated Hygiene Officer will be present at all times

Click this link to download a comprehensive NWETC COVID-Safe Plan.

We are so excited to be hosting our classes once again, and can’t wait to share some wine and our wine knowledge with you.

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