Wine Essentials

Wine Essentials

An introduction to wine – single night, three hour session  Book now 

The world of wine doesn’t have to be intimidating! This class is an ideal introductory wine education course for people who want to feel more confident with the choices they make when buying or drinking wine.

The session begins with an aroma and palate training exercise, followed by an introduction to viticulture and wine making fundamentals. We’ll familiarise you with Australian wine regions, styles and varieties then focus on tasting techniques and vocabulary so you can understand what it is you are tasting and be able to express yourself. You will enjoy a number of popular styles of wines from different regions and have fun learning in a relaxed environment. The course ends with a short quiz – a fun way to test what you’ve learnt over the evening.

Objectives of the Wine Essentials Course

To introduce you to essential wine knowledge such as:

  • The sensory evaluation of wine
  • Viticulture and wine making fundamentals
  • Australian wine regions and styles

and to develop the skills and confidence to:

  • Food and wine match
  • Navigate restaurant wine lists and cellar doors
  • Decant wines when necessary
  • Cellar wines appropriately

Meet David.

Like many 25-year-olds, David loves going out with mates on the weekend for a drink. They enjoy exploring wine bars and trying new things. David wants to impress friends with his wine knowledge and wouldn’t mind showing off at work dinners, too. But where to start?

David did some Googling and came across Wine Essentials, a three-hour wine education course for people just like him. Run by the National Wine Education & Training Centre, it provided a comprehensive overview of wine – how it’s made, how to taste it and how to talk about it.

The session started with an aroma and palate-training exercise, then David tasted eight wines of different varieties, styles and regions. The course was held at the National Wine Centre, so David came straight from work.

“I knew I’d learn a lot about wine, but I didn’t realise how much fun this would be. I’m coming back to do another course for sure,” David said.

The next step for David is the more in-depth Understanding Wine course. He’s going to book a weekend course and come with his partner.