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Who does our wine courses?

If you’ve ever wished you knew more about wine, you’re not alone.

We live in a wine-loving nation and South Australia is its heart. South Australia is responsible for more than half of all Australian wine made, and is home to some of our most famous brands. But many of us admit we feel intimidated by wine. We don’t feel confident when ordering a bottle to share with friends. We’re not sure about varieties, flavours or pronunciations.

Taking part in a wine course is a great way to learn about wine while having a lot of fun. We offer a one-night course, and a more in-depth course over 5 weeks or 2 consecutive Saturdays.

People do wine courses for lots of different reasons. We share a few below.

Follow the links on the character who's story is most like yours to be taken to the course that suits you best.

Meet David

Like many 25-year-olds, David loves going out with colleagues after work and with mates on the weekend for a drink. He wants to impress them with his wine knowledge. But where to start? 

David did some Googling and came across Wine Essentials, a three-hour wine education course for people like him. The session started with an aroma and palate-training exercise, then David tasted eight wines of different varieties, styles and regions. 

The next step for David is the more in-depth Understanding Wine course. He’s going to book a weekend course and come with his partner.

Meet Kat

Kat works in hospitality and wants to build a career in the wine industry. But where to start? 

Kat heard about the National Wine Education & Training Centre through some friends at a cellar door she visited.

She decided to book in for Understanding Wine, a five-week wine education course for people just like Kat. It delivers a comprehensive foundation for those looking to work in the wine industry or simply wanting to make more informed wine choices.

Completing a wine education course gave Kat the edge over other people applying for roles in cellar door.

Meet Helen & Peter

Helen and Peter recently retired and now enjoy leisurely drives through South Australia’s wine regions. They know what they like, but would like to learn more. But where to start? 

They were having lunch in the city and saw a poster for the NWETC. They rang and were told all about the Understanding Wine course, held over two consecutive Saturdays with a light lunch included.

It’s a comprehensive foundation of wine education, delivered in a relaxed manner.

Helen and Peter hit it off with another couple at the course and started planning a group wine tour to the Barossa.

Meet Tess & Nev

Tess’ Dad, Nev, is notoriously hard to buy gifts for. She wants to buy him a fun experience for his upcoming significant birthday. But where to start?

Nev loves drinking wine but doesn’t know his Grenache from his Gruner. Tess did some Googling and found the National Wine Education & Training Centre offers wine education classes at the National Wine Centre.

Tess thought the perfect gift would be a wine education gift voucher for two so she and her Dad could do a course together.

National Wine Education & Training Centre

Want to learn more about wine?