Want to learn more about wine?

A course for the enthusiast who is ready to discover more about wine – $286


This class is ideal for those who enjoy drinking wine and aspire to learn more, those who would like to gain confidence tackling wine shop selections and restaurant wine lists and is perfect for those starting out in the hospitality or wine industries.

We’ll introduce you to Australian wine regions and styles and focus on tasting techniques and wine vocabulary so you can understand what it is you are tasting and be able to express yourself. You will learn the fundamental principles of wine making and how factors such as climate, soil and wine making techniques will affect wine style and quality. You will enjoy a number of popular styles of wines from different regions and have fun learning in a relaxed environment.

This course is held at the National Wine Centre over five weeks, for two hours each week. Courses are held on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening so please check our course schedule for details.

After successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of sensory evaluation and apply them to a diverse range of wine styles;
  • Competently discuss sensory characteristics of various varieties and styles using a common set of terms;
  • Understand basic winemaking processes;
  • Understand basic viticulture practices;
  • Understand the impact of climate on wine styles;
  • Understand the changes that may occur in wines during the production and the aging process;
  • Appreciate the variances and influences of blending different wine varieties;
  • Have an understanding of varietal profiles and begin to develop an understanding of the regional characteristics of South Australian and Australian wines styles.

National Wine Education & Training Centre

Want to learn more about wine?